2024 Official Selections

Thursday Night Films

Each film will be immediately followed by a discussion with scholars and filmmakers. 

16 minutes
Directed by Christopher Boyd

The story of David Cody, who refused the American military draft in the 1960's, and took the ultimate step in living out his values by fleeing the country and becoming a stateless person.
Vanishing Point: Tracing Shadows in Prussian Blue
21 minutes
Directed by Marek Ryszard Dojs

An exploration of memory, identity, and photography - delving into the haunting shadows of Auschwitz through the lens of four photographs.
Letter to a Pig
17 minutes
Directed by Tal Kantor

A Holocaust survivor reads a letter he wrote to the pig who saved his life. A young schoolgirl hears his testimony in class and sinks into a twisted dream where she confronts questions of identity, collective trauma, and the extremes of human nature.
Who is God?
3 minutes
Directed by Oscar Adan Lopez Parres

The first short film created by artificial intelligence. The human as well as God will look for the creation to become the image and likeness of the creator.
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Friday Night Films

Last Call
20 minutes
Directed by Harry Holland

A desperate mother who wants to reconnect with her son.
7 minutes
Directed by Robin Jensen

Two sweaty men end up at odds with each other in a crowded sauna.
15 minutes
Directed by Rodrigue Huart

Ewa is a 10-year-old girl living in a high building in a quiet town. She's an odd, lonely child and for good reason: she's convinced of being a vampire.
15 minutes
Directed by Ruby Challenger

Sarah, a first-time mother struggles to connect with her newborn baby and is pushed to her limits when she discovers her Insta-famous bestie has thrown her a surprise birthday party.
Shadow Brother Sunday
15 minutes
Directed by Alden Ehrenreich

A down-on-his-luck musician returns home on the day of his younger brother's movie premiere to steal his computer and sell it to the paparazzi.
Chat Mort
13 minutes
Directed by Annie-Claude Caron & Danick Audet

Catherine and Louis have to tell their daughter Sophie that their beloved cat, Nugget is dead. Unless...
The Site of Unsure
3 minutes
Directed by Zachary Howatt

A colorful and expressive film/animation hybrid in memory of the filmmaker's late mother.
Red, White and Blue
23 minutes
Directed by Nazrin Choudhury

Rachel is a single parent living paycheck to paycheck. When an unexpected pregnancy threatens to unravel her already precarious position, she's forced to cross state lines in search of an abortion.
They Grow Up So Fast
10 minutes
Directed by John F. Beach

When Brian meets Amy after a night out on the town, things move a little faster than he'd anticipated.
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