Big Boy (Trailer)   RT: 5:00   Director: Bryan Campbell, Seattle, WA

Bloody Fourth   RT: 5:00   Producer: Michael A. Glatt, Post-production: David Swenson, Bismarck, ND

So Good to See You   RT: 10:00   Writer/Director: Duke Merriman, Producer: Quinn Meyers,
New York City, NY      advisory: graphic language, not suitable for younger children

Fraud   RT: 7:00   Director: Carson Nordgaard, Writer/Producer: Daniel Bielinski, Bismarck, ND

The House is Innocent (Trailer)   RT: 13:00   Director: Nicholas Coles, Los Angeles, CA

UNAUTHORIZED! (excerpt)   RT: 3:00   Writer/Director/Producer: Matt Fern, Bismarck, ND

The Girlfriend Experience (Trailer)   RT: 7:00    Writer/Director: Mark Kunerth, Malibu, CA

The Dynamic Double Standard   RT: 5:00   Writer/Director: Luke Patton, Los Angeles, CA

Rita Mahtoubian Is Not a Terrorist   RT: 8:00   Writers/Directors: Roja Gashtili & Julia Lerman,
Los Angeles, CA

Vicious (Trailer)   RT: 13:00   Writer/Director/Producer: Oliver Park, Bath, England
              advisory: may be frightening for younger children

Smut (Trailer)   RT: 10:00   Writer/Director: Tom Sveen, Los Angeles, CA (formerly of Bismarck, ND)

Bear Story (Trailer)   RT: 10:00   Writer: Daniel Castro, Director: Gabriel Osorio, Chile

The Good Father (Trailer)   RT: 19:00   Writer/Producer/Actor: Daniel Bielinski, Director: Marek Dojs, Bismarck, ND

The Terms of Service (Trailer)   RT: 11:00   Director: Sam Patton, Los Angeles, CA