Day Session Student Films & Response Panel Schedule
10:15 – 10:45 a.m.        (approx. 16 min. film, 14 min. discussion)

Novocaine   RT: 3:20   by Allen Paul   (Oakes High School)

Dungeons & Dragons: the Stereotype   RT: 4:56   by Andrea Engebretson   (Rasmussen College)

Logan Fischer Story   RT: 1:05   by Sam Hochhalter   (Bismarck High School)

Why We Play Sports   RT: 1:06   by Lauren Clausnitzer and Nicole Wolfer   (Bismarck High School)

Race   RT: 1:08   by Kyle Miller   (Bismarck High School)

RAP TV Chase Iron Eyes Interview about artist Tsubasa   RT: 4:00   by Gene Declay   (United Tribes Technical College)

1:20 – 1:45 p.m.        (approx. 10 min. film, 15 min. discussion)

Tribal Summit Education Video   RT: 3:02   by Gene Declay   (United Tribes Technical College)

VFX Guitar   RT: 1:13   by Chase Willits   (Career Academy)

VFX Eye Tracking   RT: 0:17   by Chase Willits   (Career Academy)

Fear   RT: 5:30   by Nik Holweger   (Career Academy)