Day Session Student Films & Response Panel Schedule
10:00 – 10:30 a.m.        (approx. 20 min. film, 10 min. discussion)

Coffee Crawl   RT: 2:39   by Dani Molinaro   (Bismarck State College)

Free $5   RT: 2:13   by Dani Molinaro   (Bismarck State College)

Fade   RT: 1:33   by Nicci Johnson   (Bismarck State College)

Wet Plate Photography   RT: 2:12   by Erik Mattheis   (Bismarck State College)

Whiteboard Stop Motion   RT: 1:33   by Sam Neubauer   (Bismarck High School)

Me vs. Me   RT: 1:18   by Echo Fontenelle   (Bismarck High School)

Maille Man   RT: 2:05   by Britanny Smith   (University of Mary)

Circle   RT: 1:09   by Benjamin Gehrig   (University of Mary)

ND NOW – Part 1   RT: 5:32   by Ashlyn Quintus   (Mandan High School)
1:20 – 1:40 p.m.        (approx. 19 min. film, 11 min. discussion)

ND NOW – Part 2   RT: 6:18   by Ashlyn Quintus   (Mandan High School)

Spiderman in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater   RT: 1:55   by Dylan Kahl   (Mandan High School)

Dodgeball Promo   RT: 3:16   by Grant Christensen, Cole Christensen   (Christensen Homeschool Academy)

Brianna Sipes – Drown   RT: 3:08 by Andrew Klein, Nelson Abrego, Brooke Thomson  
(Bismarck Career Academy)

Urbanize (feat. Bullseye by KDrew)   RT: 4:19   by Andrew Klein, Nelson Abrego
(Bismarck Career Academy)